NHS-Galleri Trial

Website build for a ground breaking cancer research trial.

Whilst working for the digital design agency William Joseph, I built this website for a research trial into a new early-detection cancer test. The trial aims to recruit 140,000 volunteer participants across England between the ages of 50 and 77, and so it was vital that the design and UX of the website was as clear as possible; providing concise and targeted information about the trial.

This meant working closely with the designers and digital strategists on the project to ensure that the build was pixel perfect and accessible across all browsers and devices. I'm happy we were able to achieve a 100 Google Lighthouse accessibility benchmark.

One of the challenging aspects of the design was a somewhat complicated art-direction problem whereby an image needed to be displayed at a largely different aspect ratio on mobile compared with desktop viewport widths. Using a <picture> element responsive image approach, combined with Craft's native focal point functionality, I was able to achieve this as efficiently as possible whilst also serving the image assets to the browser in a .webp format for added performance.

We also needed to make sure that the deployment process for the application was as smooth as possible, and so I integrated a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline build using Buddy.works to atomically deploy new changes to the server based on a Github workflow.