Branding, design and build for a new market launch for an established SaaS.

Whilst working for Raising IT (since acquired by The Access Group), the leadership team launched a new franchise in Australia. They wanted to go to market under a new brand - 'Joyful'.

Working with our design team, I helped establish a new brand for the organisation. I then took that brand forward to single-handedly design and build a marketing website for Joyful.

The site was built using Gatsby - a React-based framework suited for the Jamstack. It was important for the non-technical team (including senior management) to have quick access to update content and copy on the site, so I decided to integrate; a flexible structured content based CMS.

Sanity is a headless CMS that provides easily digestible GraphQL endpoints for data, which Gatsby can consume at runtime and build.

A screenshot of a marketing piece of content on the site

This was an interesting project from a creative perspective as it was a different brief from my usual charity work. Instead, it was important that the website really drove customers towards engaging with the product and requesting more information which the sales team could follow up on.

For all intents and purposes, the launch was successful. However the Joyful brand has since been folder and operations stopped in Australia.