David Shrigley

Website design and build for the unique and endlessly adored British visual artist, David Shrigley.

David Shrigley has been making his own unique brand of art for decades. His old website was a creaking Wordpress build that had become bloated and unusable over time, with a dusty design that needed refreshing. The site didn't even have an SSL and was not in a state fit for someone with over a million followers on Instagram.

Our collective vision was to create an online 'museum of all things Shrigley'. As David's team weren't confident in managing the content on the old site, his most recent art had not been uploaded and instead David was relying on other channels to share his artwork.

Craft CMS was the perfect solution as it gave the project freedom to explore a completely bespoke design and build. It was essential that David's unique style and persona came through in the design and with Craft, David was able to lead the creative direction of the site from a completely blank canvas.

David's team now have a CMS which they are comfortable using, allowing them to begin the process of uploading all of Shrigley's art to create a living archive of all of his work.